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VidCaster Joins 500 Startups

We are thrilled to announce that VidCaster has joined the 500 Startups family!

VidCaster recently accepted a $50k investment from Dave McClure’s 500 Startups seed fund, and we’ve joined their 500 Startups Accelerator program for this summer. 500 Startups invests in early stage Internet startups while providing mentorship with a focus on design, data measurement and distribution.

What this means for VidCaster users

This is great news for VidCaster users! Our priority is still to make VidCaster an effective tool for making awesome video sites, and now we have more time and resources to make it happen.

We’re excited to be able to invest this capital directly into improving and scaling VidCaster along with our expanding user base, and to make key hires for managing our technical infrastructure.

What this means for the VidCaster team

For us, this is a significant milestone on a long journey that began over three years ago. VidCaster is an extension of an earlier project we started in 2008 called VidSF, a local, alternative web TV channel for San Francisco. After all the hard work we’ve put into this project over the years, we’re proud to watch it develop into a robust application with huge business potential.

For me personally, I am proud to have been able to bootstrap the project to this point while driving a taxi on the streets of San Francisco. Our team exemplified the concept of “lean startup,” each of us contributing endless hours over the years while also working side jobs to pay the bills.

I already miss some of the more unique aspects of driving a taxi, such as the diversity of people I would meet every day, but I am stoked to focus exclusively on VidCaster and to have a full tank of gas to move forward along with the rest of the team.

This summer the VidCaster team will be working out of the 500 Startups office in Mountain View, with occasional work days at Parisoma in San Francisco. Our experience with the 500 Startups team has already been phenomenal. Their large staff of full-time mentors allows for lots of valuable one-on-one time with the companies in the program.

We’re more excited than ever about the future of VidCaster.

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