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VidCaster integrates with Switchcam to increase video engagement

One of the main motivations for our team to create VidCaster was to bring together the best video technology tools into one place for our customers. Prior to VidCaster, startups that offered groundbreaking video technology had a significant barrier to entry — often the use of their technologies required technical integration by customers.

One of our favorite new video tech partners is Switchcam which lets anyone make interactive videos with multiple camera angles. Here’s how it works: you start by recording 2 or more videos simultaneously, using any type of camera. Then you upload to Switchcam, which then automatically syncs your videos. When a viewer plays back the event on the Switchcam enabled player, you can see or switch video playback from any angle. You can even invite the audience to add their footage using their iPhones, effectively crowd-sourcing video coverage.

We were really excited to work with the Switchcam team to integrate their multi-camera player with the VidCaster platform on a recent pilot project in February. 500 Startups is a Silicon Valley based incubator and held its fifth demo day at Twitter’s HQ in San Francisco last February — a perfect use case for Switchcam’s tech.

The result has been stunning — both in terms of the product (it’s really just plain cool to be able to switch angles playing back), but also in terms of the significant boost in metrics that our customers value: time on site (engagement) and bounce rate. Seriously these are off the charts:

The Switchcam integration took place on the 500 Startup’s VidCaster powered video site. tv.500.co already uses the YouTube player that automatically syncs with their YouTube account — the ability to add a third-party player like Switchcam is particularly powerful and a feature simply not available on mainstream social video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo as they prefer to use their own player objects.

Check out the awesomeness for yourself:


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