The Real Difference Between B2B and B2C Video Marketing

September 13, 2013

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The difference between B2B and B2C video marketing may seem small–a mere one letter–but in fact, the difference is much larger than that. In reality, B2C video marketing is about raising awareness that your product or service will solve a problem that your customer didn’t even know he had. Those videos tend to be flashy or funny. But after working with top B2B brands for over two years, the good folks at Vidcaster have learned something really valuable: video content that converts is in the middle of the funnel.

That killer content that converts leads into sales isn’t sexy, it’s not at the top of the funnel, and it’s probably not even funny. But it is content that is incredibly useful for its viewers, that either solves a problem or answers a question. This content usually comes in the form of feature tours, tips and tricks, and customer spotlights.

Here are a few examples:

          • This video from VMware about installing the VMware vCenter Server, which helps developers
          • Doctor Chrono, who sells to doctors, shows how easy it is to run an eRx pharmacy search on an iPad
          • Safenet, who caters to CFOs and CTOs, explains new entitlement and licensing best practices
          • Informatica Cloud, whose main customers are developers and salespeople, breaks down how to create cases and update opportunities in Salesforce

Granted, none of these videos are fascinating in their own right. But they’re short, to the point, and they answer specific questions that these companies’ customers have. These aren’t videos that you’re going to rush home to watch with a bowl of popcorn. But when you have a technical question, you’ll be glad those kinds of videos exist.

Now that it’s clear what kind of B2B video content will be successful, what’s next? You want the content to be discoverable and to drive a conversion opportunity. All of the examples above have their own landing page, making it easier to score higher search rankings. (We already helped Informatica Cloud achieve first page ranking with this strategy, too.) You may use different techniques to drive conversions, like how the Safenet video above requires the viewer’s contact information to watch. But whatever you do, your video content should be useful, concise, and aim to solve a viewer’s question or problem.

If you’re ready to get started with your B2B video marketing strategy that will drive conversions, then request a free trial today.

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