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How to use Recorded Webinars For SEO and Lead Generation

If you are like most marketers we work with, you broadcast webinars weekly to your sales prospects and record the presentation to video for use as follow-up collateral. In most cases you receive a large number of registrants and a small number of attendees. So how do you repurpose the recordings to get the most value in your marketing efforts?

Join us as we discuss 6 ways marketers use recorded webinars for SEO and Lead Generation.

We cover:

-Video Hosting and Presentation
-Chapterize video for easy navigation
-Auto-transcription and SEO optimization 
-Gate video content for Lead Generation

Watch the 25 min webinar

Learn more about how to gate your video content here.

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Matt is an expert in video content marketing with 10 years of sales and marketing experience. Matt has produced and deployed over 1,000+ videos for use in highly effective B2B marketing campaigns. His experience and energy contributes to the product roadmap and rapid customer adoption at Vidcaster.
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