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How to Make a Video iPhone App For Your Business in 10 Minutes

Since we have a number of customers that have developed iPhone and iPad apps using their VidCaster video site (as the main hub of content feeding native and web apps), I figured I would create my own to see if I could accomplish the same without any programming skills.

But first, here are a few ways that businesses can use a mobile video app.

—> Video Training Portal: Give your customers a way to engage with your training content from anywhere. Sometimes its when people are commuting that they have the time to watch video content, and their mobile device is how they do it.

—> Video Sales Portal: Highlight customers, product, and company. Make video content available for use in outside sales scenarios.

—> Branding Portal: Increase brand and awareness by centralizing and branding video content.

Putting myself in the shoes of a non-technical marketer I set out on my journey, proving to myself and the world that it could be done in a few super simple steps. Here’s how I did it.

1) Launch a VidCaster video site

Since we already have a video site, there was no need to launch a new one, but for the people that don’t have one, you can create one here for free to try this out.

Upload or sync your videos with your account and then configure the design and theme to match your brand.

2) Launch the Mobile App Studio with Widgetbox

Widgetbox has made it really easy to build mobile web apps in a drap and drop interface, working purely of MRSS feeds. To get started launch a trial of the Widgetbox Mobile builder here.

Configure the look of your mobile app using the editor tool. You want to add RSS menu items to the app. These will be place holders for the feeds we will grab from your VidCaster account in the next step.

3) MRSS Feeds

Next you will need to grab the MRSS feeds from your VidCaster Site and plug them into your video app for the appropriate category. To grab the main feed, click on the feed icon on the index or home page of your video site. To grab feeds for each category, simply navigate to that category page and click the feed button. This will allow you to create different categories in your video app.  

What do these feeds do? The MRSS feeds give the app a link and video thumbnail linking to an optimized version of your video that will playback seamlessly on any device.

Now paste the feed URL into RSS menu option in Widgetbox Mobile App studio and click save. Choose an icon if necessary.

4) Configure Your App For Distribution 

Using the powerful tools of Widgetbox you can configure your app for distribution by connecting it to your website the same way you would point your VidCaster site at your domain.

We’ll that’s it! It should take you no longer than 10 minutes once you have your VidCaster video site setup. Once you get your video mobile app built, share it with us here in the comments section.

To try this out launch a trial of VidCaster and Widgetbox here.

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