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5 Ways Marketers Use VidCaster To Drive Leads and Engagement

To get a better understanding of how our video platform can configure to your goals and specs, here are some brief examples of how our customers have deployed VidCaster in their organizations.

5 Ways Marketers Use VidCaster To Drive Leads and Engagement

1. Centralize and Brand Video Content

- Marketers use VidCaster to centralize video content in a single easy-to-use management interface on their domain name.

- Organize videos in categories that apply specifically to the content your marketing.

- Brand your VidCaster site by choosing a pre-designed template and bringing over the header and footer CSS elements from your corporate site for unified branding across all web properties.

- Connect your VidCaster site to your domain name by creating a video subdomain.

2. Generate Leads by gating valuable videos and webinars with forms

Use Leadwall to gate playlists of videos with a standard form that delivers contact information to Salesforce. Marketers use this feature to gate recorded webinars and sensitive content.

3. Tag each video with interactive bookmarking

Easy-to-use interactive bookmark and chapter building using our on-demand annotation studio. Create jump points in video, great for extended play content.

4. Transcribe each video and optimize for SEO

Marketers use VidCaster’s built in one-click auto-transcription tool, which transcribes the video via our certified partner and is delivered back into the app ready to go, placed below your video. This feature super charges your SEO, loading pages with rich key-phrases.

5. Connect Marketing Automation and Analytics

Connect your VidCaster video site with leading marketing automation solutions like Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, SilverPop, and Pardot. Measure video performance and conversions with Google Analytics.

Give VidCaster a test drive with a free trial.

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