5 Video Services to Simplify Video Creation & Add a Wow Factor

May 6, 2014

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It’s easier than ever to shoot a video but going from “meh” to “miraculous” is no easy feat. Luckily, technology is lessening the gap, allowing marketers and businesses to create more videos without a professional video production team. These apps or online services give you creative power and enable you to add interactivity and accessibility at cost effective rates. Elevate your video to the next level and start exploring the possibilities with these cool and interesting video services.

Merge Video Clips and Pics with WeVideo

WeVideo is one of the simplest video editing platforms accessible via Android, iPhone or browser. It even integrates with Google Chrome so you can pull files directly from Drive and invite collaborators to make edits. Pretty nifty.

In some respects, WeVideo is bit like instagram for video. It’s easy to add themes to your videos, then overlay colors, transitions and soundtracks to your videos. You can also add in text to punctuate certain scenes.

A storyboard editor lets you drag and drop clips into a sequence. From there, you use the timeline editor to shorten these clips, do a fade in or add a static photo. A WeVideo account is accessible anytime from the cloud with free personal plans and business plans from $16/month.

Create Animated Videos with GoAnimate

GoAnimate does exactly what the name says. This browser based animation studio allows marketers and business communicators to turn ideas and information into entertaining animated videos. When creating an animated video, you can choose a scene, outfit characters and integrate a script.

Animated videos work well for explainer vids but the possibilities are only limited by your creativity. Premium plans start about $79/month, so give it a whirl. Be warned, if you’ve ever got caught up in the SIMs, you could very well get addicted to all this animated customization.

See GoAnimate, WeVideo & Vidcaster in action on 5/14. Join us for How to Create Stellar Videos that Generate Leads with Cloud-Based Tools! We’ll show you how to make and publish a video in under an hour.

Get Audience Feedback with HapYak

In the world of digital marketing we love data and feedback. Online video is an invaluable source of audience behavior data. HapYak, one of our integration partners, is a video interactivity service that allows you to add links, annotations, drawings and quizzes in stream. Taking the user experience even further, we love that you can add chapters to lengthy videos with HapYak, giving your audience more navigation options.

Check out how we use HapYak to break up our webinars so users can jump directly to the content that matters most to them. Our viewers have an enjoyable experience because they get the information that want fast. We get great data about which topics are most interesting to our audience so we can provide more of it. You can also solicit direct feedback by incorporating a quiz or survey directly in your video.

Boost SEO and Video Accessibility with 3Play Media

3Play Media is an online video captioning service that easily integrates with most video platforms, including Vidcaster. There is no plug and play option unless utilizing the company’s CaptionsForYouTube product so you will need to contact them directly to set up an account or use them via your online video platform.

It’s easy to request captions within your current video platform, or drag and drop files within the 3Play Media interface to begin the seamless transcription process. Professional quality captions are added to videos, automatically. Beyond making videos accessible, adding captions and transcripts to videos enhances SEO, making sure your videos find an audience.

Integrate Product Placement with Cinematique

We live in a world with so much knowledge at our fingertips, but when it comes to video, we can be distracted by the second screen, sometimes Googling people or products before we even complete a video. Cinematique creates an immersive video experience by allowing viewers to discover, shop and share with a simple tap in-stream.

Consider shifting your online product video to an active, entertaining video experience, because with Cinematique audiences can catalog products, people and locations that interest them. Furthermore, Cinematique believes there are uses in non-fiction storytelling, with video creators able to see which people have been tapped. This assessment of video interest will allow the work to live on beyond the initial play. Cinematique’s touchable video experience, is utilized on Android, iPhone and iPad, so sign up as a user, or become a content creator for $100/mo.

Which apps or video services can you not live without? Sound off in the comments below or tweet it to us @Vidcaster. And don’t forget to register for our webinar with GoAnimate and WeVideo where you’ll see how to make, edit and publish a video and start generating leads in under an hour.

How to Create Stellar Marketing Videos that Generate Leads

Photo: Special thanks to Vincent Roux of Intuiti, for stopping by Vidcaster to film an interview with us using a GoPro, mic and his iPhone!

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